Thank You Note

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Dear Ronnette Turpias,


CHICKEN LEG – Thank you so much for molding us, Ron. We are grateful to have you as our first mentor in this new field we are taking. We hope we would be able to make you proud one day!
ICE CREAM – Hi Ron! Thank you for your patience in training us. We learned a lot from you. Hope we will still see each other in the office soon. Amping!
AVOCADO – Thank you Ron for being patient and always bringing out the best in us during the training. I’ve learned a lot and rest assured that I will bring all my learnings to the ops and improve from there. See you!
CAKE – Hello Ron! Thank you for giving us such a great training! Continue to share your knowledge with others and be part of their VBP life.
PORK – Thank you for everything RON! see you around..


From: Alleyn

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