Thank You Note

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Dear Ronnette Turpias,


BENTO BOX – domo arigato !
TEMPURA -Thank you Ron for sharing your knowledge and expertise to us. We will be the best because we were trained by the best trainer. Hope to see you around. Cheers!
PIZZA – Hello Ron, Thank you for training and helping us accomplish our very first goal, Thank you for your wisdom and experience xx more power!
SHRIMP – Hi, Ron. Thank you for teaching us a lot of things and especially on how to be positively assertive, it will really help us here as we go along in the field.
RICE – Hi Ron! We are so grateful to have you as our trainer and as a friend at the same time. Thank you for introducing those terminologies that we used to confuse but are now making sense and are very important. Thank you for the patience every time we get mistakes and when some of us were left behind. Above all, thank you for the very short time bond we made. It was very meaningful and won’t be forgotten for sure!


From: Alleyn

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