Thank You Note

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Dear Charles Noven Castillo,


MOST BEHAVE – thank you Charles for understanding our carbon personalities 😀
AE AE CAPTAIN! – Thank you for the unforgettable training experience!
NARNIA – Thank you for believing in us; you are one of the best trainers I had!
MARIÉ – Thank you for being patient with us, carbon vendors & don’t forget your most fave class (Self-proclaimed) Oh no Oh no no
SAMSUNG – Thank you for inspiring me to be my best, and for being there to guide me when I needed help. ChAR0t
MS MINCHIN – Thank you for guiding us during the training. You are the best!
ZBB – You pass the vibe check!
NINJAVAN – thank you for answering my questions
WEALTHSOLVER – Thank you very much for the patience, for always motivating us and for the guidance. You da best!
MOST PUNCTUAL – Thanks for answering our queries. Appreciate your patience & help in our course and case studies!
MISS SWEET – Hello from the other side
I must’ve called a thousand times, to tell you, THANK YOU!


From: Class Zoraida

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