The Great Game of Business®️ Google Site is now live.

The Great Game of Business®️ Google Site is a space where all team members can access references and other useful resources related to The Game. This will be of great help as we guide everyone towards winning the game.

The Design Team is proud to share all the knowledge we’ve acquired from our trainings. Participating in video courses and exercises helped us gain financial literacy and business literacy skills which we are excited to impart to all team members. We created The Great Game of Business®️ Google Site to help everyone participate in the game with ease.

We hope that, in this experience, you acquire skills that enhance your work experience and also bring value to your personal lives. The Great Game of Business®️ is truly a transformative business concept and our hope is for team members to transform your attitude towards work, to take control of different situations and to achieve personal and professional goals.

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VBP Jingle - We Are VBP

Vocals: Cyra & Shaira
Drums: Jasfel
Keyboards: Timay
Base & Guitar: Fredylou

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